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My Granola Story

SweeTricia’s Granola

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SweeTricia’s Granola started when I found a granola recipe that just sounded good. I made the recipe with some modifications for a while for just my husband and me. Several ingredients were added and subtracted until I had the taste that was perfect. My family and friends were now the benefactors of my ” new love”. Everybody seemed to love it. According to friends and family, this granola was so totally delicious, that they couldn’t put it down. Relatives from out of town would ask me to bring them granola when I came to visit which I did ( in ziplock bags). Michael and I would frequently walk into a grocery store and walk down the granola aisle to check out all the granola. Several years I became very serious about producing my very popular granola. And Why not? I thought, If other people can do it, why couldn’t I? My husband Michael & I purchased so much granola from stores so that we could do the taste testing. Nothing came close to the taste of my granola. We did a lot of research and came up with packaging, logo, labels, etc. to launch my granola business dream. We wanted to produce  “Granola” that was healthy and also had great taste. I know I have achieved my goal.