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What is CMT and how can you help?

Many years back a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with CMT which stands for Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is a brutal progressive nerve disease that causes his muscles and nerves to slowly waste away. CMT affects 1 in 2,500 people worldwide and can be mild or quite severe. My friend has a mild case and wears leg braces to get around. As he gets older, he is watching his hands deteriorate in both functions and in sensation.

CMT Association CMTA He has found help through the CMT Association (CMTA).They have connected him to others with CMT who help by sharing their best resources and information. The CMT Association is also leading the research to find treatments for CMT. Recently they have made some incredible progress, giving my friend and everyone with CMT hope that an end for CMT is near. In the meantime, all people with CMT can do is stay fit and healthy, exercise regularly and manage their fatigue and pain.

You know that because I use high-quality ingredients, Sweet Tricia’s Granola can be part of a healthy diet. Therefore, I decided to help my friend by committing a portion of the proceeds of every bag of granola I sell with the “CMTA” coupon code to the CMT Association. It is a small effort, but one that matters to the CMT Association and to my dear friend. I believe that life can be sweeter when we join efforts to change the world, one bag of granola at a time

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