Match your personality with the Granola flavor

If you love the taste of delicious rich Georgia Pecans with the delicate crunch of slivered almonds and a hint of sunflower seeds, you will love Original with Pecans. Not only does it have the balance of these nuts, this flavor has a delicious subtle coconut flavor blended with cinnamon. All my granolas have a natural sweetener that doesn’t overly sweeten the granola. This is a perfect match for Pecan lovers.

If you absolutely love almonds, then the Almond/Almond is the perfect choice for you. This granola has three different styles of almonds: sliced, slivered, and whole almonds that have been freshly chopped. What makes this flavor special, is that it blended with pure almond extract as well as cinnamon. Like all my other flavors, it is sweetened with a natural flavor and has the delicious essence of coconut.

If you are a ginger lover, you’re going to love my Pistachio Ginger. The minute you bite in to a piece of hand chopped candied ginger, you will get a smile on your face. It’s a taste like no other. The combination of pistachio and ginger is a perfect match that will keep calling out for more. What makes this unique is that I also add ground ginger to the mixture as well as vanilla. This granola also has coconut and is sweetened with a natural sweetener. If you’re ready for your taste buds to “pop”, you must try my delicious Pistachio Ginger?

Which granola do you match?