How SweeTricia got started

Tricia French pastry School

Many people have asked how I got started making granola. That’s a great question. As many of you know, I was a Cardiac Surgery nurse for decades. It wasn’t until I finish culinary school that I started toying with granola. My first interest was in cake decorating. I took many courses with the Masters in decorating, including Nicholas Lodge and Colette Peters. I have also taken many courses at the French Pastry School in Chicago.

However, one day I wanted to make granola just for me and my family. I found a recipe and tweaked it to a healthier formula. I took it to friends and family just for gifts. After so many requests for my granola, I became serious in producing this “seriously good granola”. And there you go, all of a sudden, I had 6 flavors and 2 sizes. What a fun adventure this is.