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Granola made with Love

Granola Made With Love

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SweeTricia's Granola Made With Love

SweeTricia’s Granola Made With Love!

SweeTricia’s Granola is made totally by hand.  We delicately toss every batch so as to keep the integrity of our organic oats.  No machines are involved in the making of this “Seriously Good” granola. 

Tricia is involved in every batch of granola.  From the scaling & mixing of ingredients, the baking, to the packaging, Tricia is an “on hand” owner.  Tricia tastes every batch of granola made.  Taste & perfection is mandatory.  If it doesn’t make the “Sweetricia” taste test, you will not see it on the shelves. Now you can find SweeTricia’s Granola in various Wholefoods Markets in Atlanta. 

I guess you might say, SweeTricia bakes her granola with lots of love.

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