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Well whether you are a traveler, hiker, or a workout fanatic… there is never a bad time for Sweetricia’s Granola! It fits great in a pocket, purse or gym bag – there’s always room for our 4oz bags! We offer 5 delicious flavors!

Match your personality with the granola flavor.

If you absolutely love almonds, my Almond/Almond Granola is the perfect choice for you. This granola contains three styles of almonds: sliced, slivered, and whole almonds that have been freshly chopped. What makes this variety special is that it is blended with pure almond extract as well as cinnamon. Like all my other flavors, it is sweetened with Agave, and has the delicious essence of coconut.

If you love the taste of delicious rich Georgia Pecans with the delicate crunch of slivered almonds and a hint of sunflower seeds, you will love my Classic Pecans Granola! Not only does it have the balance of these nuts, this variety has a delicious subtle coconut flavor blended with cinnamon. All of my granolas use an organic natural sweetener (Agave) that doesn’t overly sweeten the granola. This is a perfect match for Pecan lovers.

Our delicious new granola of sunflower, pumpkin, & hemp seeds is flavored by a variety of aromatic spices which makes this a favorite for all who have asked for a nut less granola. After adding dried cranberries, this granola is fast becoming a favorite. If you don’t like nuts or can’t have them, my No Nutz Granola is for you!

If you are a ginger lover, you’re going to love my Pistachio Ginger. The minute you bite into a piece of candied ginger, you will get a smile on your face! It’s a taste like no other. The combination of pistachio and ginger is a perfect match that will keep calling you back for more. What makes this variety unique is that I also add ground ginger to the mixture as well as vanilla. This granola also has coconut and is sweetened with Agave as well. If you’re ready for your taste buds to “pop,” please try my delicious Pistachio Ginger Granola.

Tropical Crunch, a combination of dried pineapple, coconut, macadamia nuts, and coconut chips, is appropriately named for a granola that takes you to a tropical island. If you love coconut, my Tropical Crunch Granola is for you. The coconut chips add a nice crunch to tasty pineapple and marries well with the rich, robust flavor of macadamia nuts. One bite to get you hooked! This granola goes well on yogurt, ice cream, or just by itself. Enjoy!!

So, which granola variety did you match? WRITE US TO and receive a free Grab’n Go Size Granola just for sending us your picture and story!

Granola Lovers

We love our Granola!!

At sea .. only with Tropical Crunch!!

Granola Lovers

Life is Good with SweeTricia’s Granola!

Granola Lovers

Greta’s Hiking Expedition!

Not without Sweetricia’s Granola!

Granola Lovers

Chris Loves His Granola!

Sweetricia’s Granola goes a long ways, with or without milk or in my yogurt, it is a part of my daily snacks. My favorite is Banango and Pistachio Ginger!